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Do you need to leave a deposit?



Yes. Tattoo deposits will be required before I begins drawing your tattoo. Up to 50% of the estimated tattoo may be required as a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable. If you miss your tattoo appointment without providing sufficient notice to me then your deposit will be forfeited.

The purpose of my deposits are to ensure that when an appointment is made that the appointment is kept. I can not tattoo two people at once. If you are booked off for a session, I cannot book anyone else in that spot. Also I usually prepares drawings and sets up tattoo booth which all require time.

Please do not miss your tattoo appointments. Any conditions provided in-store supersede these terms. Also these terms are subject to change



What am I most interested in tattooing?



I love tattooing, drawing, painting portraits. and watercolours. that's I love the most. I'm also love tattooing some abstract design, such as Trashpolka style.mixing realism and abstract effect.I do any kind of tattoos, drawings, paintings too but love realism and abstract.



Do I sell my original artwork outside of tattooing?



Yes I do, I'm trying to update my  website often but I paint almost everyday... sometimes I don't have time to update. if you are interested in get painting. please message me, I will get back to you with price. I can ship to worldwide.



Do I sell prints of my artwork?



Yes I do, there's some on my website. you can check out my store. but i have more with me. you can buy it at tattoo shop or tattoo conventions, art market if I'm attending.



Do I paint for request?



Yes I do, please e-mail me about what you want, size, what kind of media you want.




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